My Vodka Klout

I have a love-hate relationship with Klout. As in, I love it when my score goes up and hate it when my score goes down. I know, I know the jury's still out on Klout -- the social media punditry love to kvetch about its actual relevance, how easy it is to game, etc etc.

Matryoshka Monday: Alien Edition

I just had to find alien-themed nesting dolls for this weeks Matryoshka Monday. Super 8 opens this Friday and I'm geeking out so hard my family's starting to worry. J.J. Abrams meets Spielberg, are you kidding me? If "Lost" was my heroin, the Super 8 viral campaign is my methadone.

The Russian is Leaving Me

The Russian is leaving me...for three weeks this summer during his annual pilgrimmage home to Chelyabinsk. He just confirmed the dates. It's stressful when he's away. He's my rock and I miss him horribly. Why not go with him, you ask? It's not that easy -- we hit an impasse every time the subject comes

Matryoshka Monday: Memorial Edition

Memorial Day always sneaks up on me. I look forward to the long weekend, pool time, grilling and drinking with friends and family. It's ironic how quickly I lose sight of the holiday's meaning, given my family's history with military service...

The Russian’s Flip-Flop Fetish

I’ve mentioned the Russian’s little shoe problem. It manifests during warm weather as an unhealthy relationship with flip-flops. For me, flip-flops come in two varieties – the cute ones you pair with cropped pants on a casual day at the office, and the crappy rubber ones that cost $5 and are for everything else. Not

Home Improvement at the Smirnovs

The Russian and I are embarking on a major home renovation project. With our flawless communication skills, my impeccable patience and his abiding respect for local zoning rules, what could possibly go wrong? The last time we did a big home project was last summer, when we finished the dungeon-like basement of our 1920s house.