The Bloggess Goes Viral and I Get Stressed

I run little text ads each month on the sidebar of a blog you might have heard of called The Bloggess. I worship Jenny Lawson and will gladly run advertising on her blog until my checking account runs dry or hell freezes over, whichever comes first. Turns out a post Jenny wrote last week went

Five Sad Things

Warning: this post contains references to binge-eating, theft and radical politics. It just goes to show how fond of you all I've become that I can expose myself to you in this way.

Matryoshka Monday: Eco-Warrior Edition

This has an eco-warrior vibe that I like. A few years ago, a section of park in LA that was about to be rezoned became the site of grassy matryoshka installations to celebrate the Russian heritage of the community. You could actually climb and play on them, which is adorable...

Vintage Soviet Arcade Games

You know what's great? When your friends do your blogging work for you. I'm not going to lie -- tough week at the day job. Stress. Anxiety. Unhappiness. And that's just the commute. Feels like I've got the PR weight of the world on my shoulders, so much so I can barely manage to hoist my

Russian Remedy for Sore Junk

So the 8-year old wacked himself in the junk just now. These things happen. I guess he's old enough now that it really hurt, you know, in a manly way. He's all fetal on the living room floor and I'm busting out my usual mom moves -- you know, "Take deep breaths" and "should I