My Wodka Vodka Review

In which I review Wodka vodka which is -- wait for it -- POLISH. Anyone with the chutzpah to send Polish vodka to me, proud wife of a Stoli-drinking Russian, is worthy of a post. Wait till you see their, uh, "press materials."

Matryoshka Monday: Sore Back Edition

I had a whole other Matryoshka Monday planned for today but as I'm in the throes of major back pain (old injury aggravated apparently by the simple act of rising from my bed yesterday, glad I'm not old and decrepit or anything, JESUS), these nesting dolls seemed more appropriate...

Matryoshka Monday: Etsy Crush Edition

My friend Kathy alerted me to a wonderful Etsy shop which sells all matryoshkas, all the time. The woman behind the dolls is Amy Perrotti and she has a lovely story: she started drawing dolls as a way of doing portraits of her daughter and her friends...

Smirnov Home Improvement: Update

Have I mentioned our home improvement project is in its second phase? The first (new roof) proceeded without incident. Phase Two is new window and siding installation. When we were planning this work, all I could imagine was how pretty our house will look restored to its bungalow roots. It didn't occur to me what