Russian Bedtime Story

Once in a while our kid will be in the mood to hear a Russian bedtime story. I don’t know what prompts it, only that sometimes after I tuck him in he’ll ask for his dad and will settle in to hear a story read in a language he doesn’t understand. This was the drill

Power Napping, Russian Style

The Russian is a world-class napper. I've always marveled at his ability to fall asleep any place, any time. On flights, for example, he's the guy who dozes off before takeoff and wakes rosy-cheeked and rested hours later as we're taxiing in at our destination. I thought it was just him but now I'm wondering

Evil Happens, but Babies Will Be Born

On the day it happened, I was exactly one year into a job at a glamorous company I loved, two years into a marriage I loved even more, skinny and cute and on my way to a fancy gala at the Kennedy Library in Boston. I was in a Town Car with my rollaway suitcase,