If you were redirected here from PRMama.com, don’t panic. You’re in the right place. I have retired PRMama because really, the world doesn’t need another blog about PR. Or mamas, for that matter. I’m focusing now on writing about life with The Russian, someone you’ll recognize if you were a regular visitor to the old blog. I hope you’ll hang with me here.

Acquiring a new crown to go with the one I was born with.

Before I got married, I’d introduce myself as Stephanie Sage — “like the herb.” It was a pretty maiden name and didn’t really need explanation, I just liked saying it. Then I married the Russian, and everything changed. Now I introduce myself as Stephanie Smirnov — like the vodka. In case you’re wondering what’s up with the spelling, the double f is a French thing but when you’re rocking a Russian name old-school, only a v ending will do.

This is my personal blog.  It’s what I do when I’m not being a mom, wife and/or PR executive. My day job: Managing Director of Consumer Marketing in the NY office of Edelman, the world’s largest PR agency. I work in the city and live in northern New Jersey.  My husband is in fact Russian. He is a retired ballroom dancer who now stays home with our eleven year-old son. He graciously allows me to write about him here.

1998: First date, surveying the merchandise.

I write about the ups and downs of being married to and parenting with someone from another country. My observations are based on firsthand experience with the Russians in my life but are not intended as a generalization about all Russians. So no disrespect, Russians, seriously. Though you have to admit you guys are into some wacky stuff, like smacking each other with birch branches and eating salads called “Herring under the Fur Coat.

Like our tango? He really was a very good teacher.

Let’s Connect:
StephanieSmirnov917 [at] gmail [dot] com
Twitter:  @ssmirnov
Here’s my Google+ info, but I don’t really hang there so much. It confuses me.
I collect inspiring images at Pinterest, with a whole board devoted to Russian-y stuff.
When I’m feeling grown-up I direct people to connect with me at LinkedIn.

Working with Marketers/FTC Stuff
I will review stuff or accept advertising provided it falls into at least one of these categories: stuff I find relevant to the content of the blog; stuff I would recommend to a friend without reservation; stuff not made by a competitor of one of my current clients (contact me if you have questions about who they are.) I am up on all the latest rules and regulations on FTC disclosure and will adhere to them in any work I do with a marketer.

Speaking and Moderating
I’m a seasoned speaker on the conference circuit; I’ve moderated or participated on panels at a number of events over the past several years including Type A MomMom 2.0EVO, BlissDom, BlogHer, the Creative Connection, the Cause Marketing Forum and SxSW. I speak on brand-blogger relationships, public relations, women in business, and cause marketing. (I will also speak on how to survive a zombie apocalypse but as of right now have not been invited to do so.) You can find slides from some of my public talks here.

What Klout Thinks!
For those of you who don’t know, Klout measures your online influence. My score tends to hover in the mid-to-high 60s which apparently is not bad. Numbers go up and down but here’s the really meaningful thing: Klout says I’m influential about vodka.

Last but not least…
The postings on this site are my own thoughts and opinions and do not represent the positions, strategies or opinions of Edelman or its clients.