The Blog Bloc, or How I Found my Blogging Tribe

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They always tell you at the lady blogger conferences to find your blogging tribe. This is hard, for there are many tribes. It may take time to sort it out but once you know where in the food-parenting-coupon-literary-home-fashion-travel-grief-LGBT-humor-fitness-beauty-design-spiritual-tech-entrepreneur-gluten free universe you fit, the blogging thing gets a lot more fun. You find mentors, supporters, allies, even friends – all of whom care about the same stuff you do.

I struggled with this for about two years because oddly enough, I couldn’t find the other members of the Zombie Fan Russian-Loving PR Girl blogging tribe. Sometimes the lady blogger conferences would hold special workshops where you could meet fellow tribe members over lunch; all you had to do was locate the designated food-parenting-coupon-literary-home-fashion-travel-grief-LGBT-humor-fitness-beauty-design-spiritual-tech-entrepreneur-gluten free table and *poof* there your tribe would be. I’d wander through hotel ballrooms clutching my plate of sponsor-provided chicken/pasta/beans asking repeatedly, “Excuse me, is this the Zombie Fan Russian-Loving PR Girl tribe table?”  The answer was always no.

I realized I might have to make my way through the blogoverse as a tribe of one.


But then I thought, is my tribe too specific? Maybe if I peeled away some layers of my blogger identity I’d find kindred spirits. Sure enough, once I shed everything except the “Russian” part and started writing here, everything changed. My blogging tribe descended faster than a horde of marauding Tatars.

Russian, Belarusian, Ukranian, Polish, Lithuanian—a digital ex-Soviet Bloc party! All clever and funny and handy with a potato. The kind of characters you want to spend time with, drink a shot with, perhaps molest with a bunch of birch branches.

These are my people. We even have a badge.


UPDATE:  Here’s what some other members of the Bloc had to say about  our newly-formed alliance. To check out all the Bloc members, please to visit homepage blogroll:

Polish Mama on the Prairie  Polish. (I know, surprising.)
Vicki Boykis  Russian and Jewish. Claims to be named after a strawberry.
Rimarama  Lithuanian. I think that’s a made-up bloggy name, but really, who knows. I don’t speak Lithuanian.

Tribe-of-one kitty image via.
Badge courtesy of Vicki.

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